From a Private Initiative to an International Charity:Children of Heroes Foundation Establishes a Supervisory Board in Ukraine

The Supervisory Board of the Foundation will comprise the Managing Partner of Deloitte in Ukraine, the Co-Founder of Preply, and several other prominent community leaders.

The Children of Heroes Charity Fund, dedicated to offering long-term support to children who have lost one or both parents due to the full-scale Russian invasion, commenced its operations in the first weeks of the invasion. Back then, the Fund’s team comprised just a dozen individuals, supporting approximately two hundred families. Fast forward to September 2023, and the Fund now oversees the well-being of over 6,000 children. The cumulative assistance rendered since the Fund’s inception has totaled UAH 190,674,380.

Considering the ongoing hostilities, the Fund anticipates that the number of beneficiaries will surge to 10,000 by the beginning of next year.

“The situation in Ukraine is disheartening, as the number of children receiving aid from our Fund has seen a substantial rise since the start of 2023. Nearly every day, we witness an influx of 15-25 new kids into our assistance programs, highlighting the alarming rate at which the number of affected children grows. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to all those who embrace the mission of the Fund and have joined the Supervisory Board. Together, we have the potential to achieve remarkable success and enhance the lives of as many afflicted children as possible,” stated Danylo Pasko, the co-founder of the Children of Heroes CF and Chairman of the Supervisory Board.

The effective management and provision of essential assistance on this scale necessitate the engagement of professionals from diverse fields and leaders with expertise in collaborating with international partners, along with a deep comprehension of strategic development. To bolster the organization’s operations, the Children of Heroes CF has enlisted influential leaders to join its Supervisory Board, reinforcing the Fund’s capabilities. Some of these individuals include:

Furthermore, Victoria Lisna, a representative of the families the Fund supports and a former beneficiary, has taken a seat on the Supervisory Board. The organization’s leaders firmly believe Victoria’s participation in its strategic initiatives is pivotal. Her life experience and unique perspective empower us to create and execute the most pertinent and efficacious assistance programs for children and families in need.

“The Fund’s primary goal is to expand opportunities for children whose parents were killed during the war in Ukraine. We believe in the potential of the Fund’s beneficiaries and strive to create the conditions for them to achieve significant success despite the difficult circumstances in which they grow up. Our efforts represent an investment in the future of these children and the future of Ukraine, where every child deserves the right to a joyful and promising life,” emphasized Sergey Kulik, a member of the Supervisory Board of the Children of Heroes CF and the Managing Partner of Deloitte Ukraine.

“The Fund’s mission resonates deeply with me as I comprehend the paramount significance of assisting children facing adversity. They are among our society’s most vulnerable, requiring our unwavering support and care. The emotional wounds resulting from the loss of loved ones are profoundly distressing. Any assistance we provide is akin to a healing balm for their wounded hearts,” remarked Serge Hancharevich, Managing Partner and CEO of Capital Times.

Furthermore, Children of Heroes is registered as a charitable organization in both the United States and the Netherlands, and it holds the requisite non-profit status as confirmed by local legislation. In both nations, the charitable organization has established boards of directors comprising representatives from Ukrainian and international businesses and influential leaders.

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