Capital Times are proud to be a family member of Globalscope.

For more than 30 years Globalscope Partners has excelled at advising our clients in selling, buying and financing businesses.


We have extensive knowledge of international capital markets, industry buyers and private equity groups in all continents. We analyse your business opportunities and valuation. We find the best buyer or investor for you. We achieve the best cash value for our clients.

10 000 happy clients

55 companies worldwide

10 200 deals

400+ proffesionals

28$ bln+ (value transactions in 2022)


Openness and Camraderie

Our comradery and openness give us powerful access to investors across all global markets. A broader selection of investors increases both competitive tension and the likelihood of finding the right investor – therefore delivering superior results for our clients.

Relentless Entrepreneurialism

Our global family of members are relentless entrepreneurs themselves, so we leave no stone unturned in getting the best deal for our clients. We use our in depth knowledge of local markets, corporate and financial investors in every sector to deliver the best value.

Tier one brand quality

We always put our clients first – in every country and in every language we know how to achieve success for them. When you choose a member firm in one country, you can be sure that all our members work to the same high quality and ethos. This synergy creates success.
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