Mergers and acquisitions

Capital Times has a proved track record in providing advice covering all aspects of M&A so that our clients can overcome the critical issues accompanying almost every M&A deal.

Our team builds comprehensive models and forecasts for investment projects.
We will be able to develop advancing solutions for effective negotiations on terms and conditions.
Together with our client, we try to be one step ahead during complex and multi-stage negotiations. Our many years of experience allow us to predict possible risks with a high probability and offer several options for their solution.

Our M&A team has a successful track record of implementing cross-border and domestic transactions, including the following ones:

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Capital Times is your highly qualified assistant in mergers and acquisitions. We guarantee confidentiality, no conflict of interest, and full support of our clients during the course of the transaction. We work at the heart of the M&A process. Acting in the interests of our clients at every stage of negotiations, we pursue the goal to maximize the client’s benefit from the deal. Also, our team provides an impartial and objective assessment of all proposals of potential buyers.


Acquisition of 100% or part of a company is often related to a goal to enter a new market or expand a product and service line. We advise buyers on attractive target companies using our global partner network.

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Sale of a minority or majority stake in the business

Due to our independence and no conflicts of interest, we have invaluable experience in advising owners on the sale of a business.

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Purchase of a company or a part of a business:

We have a proven track record in the acquisition of private companies and advise buyers on attractive target companies using our global partner network.

Sale of non-core assets

In the process of developing a strategy for maximizing business value, we look into the matter of business and find options for the sale of non-core assets. This is leading to the crystallization of key business.

Capital Times acts as a growth multiplier for business, delivering tailored solutions to meet your unique goals and objectives


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