Children of Heroes

There is a second front of the Russian war against Ukraine – and it is full of children who have lost their mothers and/or fathers in this terrible conflict. They are not ready to fight, they cannot call for help and turn to the Hague for support. But we must not forget them. They are building the future of our country. We are morally obliged to help these Children of Heroes. Thus, the Foundation’s mission is to support the orphans of war by providing them with care, warmth, and security as we rebuild our country and our lives. We thank them for their parents’ contribution and will give them the strength to overcome their tragic loss. Our goal is to help these children become the best representatives of the Ukrainian nation and integrate them into the global community. Capital Times is the official partner of the foundation.

The Library of Dreams

Social responsibility plays a very important role for Capital Times. We believe that it is a mandatory and integral part of any society. Capital Times has been participating in the Library of Dreams project across Ukraine since 2016. This is a social project created to develop a culture of education among orphans and children deprived of parental care by visiting and replenishing boarding schools with new high-quality literature. The Capital Times team regularly visits orphanages and replenishes their libraries with books. Everyone needs support, especially children who grow up without parents. We want our country to develop, become stronger and more educated, and for children to receive proper development and education.
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