Capital Times Investment Advisory is a progressive independent investment advisory, founded in 2006. An expert in corporate finance. Company offices are located in Kiev and Minsk.

The Investment Banking Department, under the leadership of managing partner Sergey Goncharevich, specializes in support of mergers and acquisitions transactions, raising capital for corporate clients, and managing the value of companies. In 2014, the company became a member of Globalscope Partners — a network of leading international M&A consultants.



The M&A project teams of the department are specialized by industry and have deep sectoral experience and knowledge that allows you to work on projects faster and better.

Global presence

Participation in the international network of M&A consultants gives us the opportunity to be present in the market, to have access to a large number of proposals in order to provide our clients with a wide choice of investment ideas.

Continuous development

The market and the world are constantly changing – and we are changing with it. We are students of the market and technology. We use every opportunity to provide our customers with the best solutions.


Constantly evolving, we remain open to the new. New points of view, new technologies, new challenges. And ready for a quick change of course if necessary.


We know that addressing us is important to you an excellent result, and not just a consultation. Focusing on long-term partnership, we focus on achieving your goals.

All over the world

Since 2014, Capital Times has been a member of Globalscope Partners, Partners, a leading group of finance and investment consultants who work in the global market to support clients in international transactions. Thanks to this network, we are able to establish our clients’ business relations with potential partners, including selling the company to foreign buyers, or searching for potential buyers / investors in foreign markets.

10 000



companies worldwide

10 000




8 000 000 000 $

value transactions in 2021


Business reputation is a key intangible asset of Capital Times Investment Advisory, which we successfully convert into tangible material advantages for our clients.

Every our action and our every word affects our image. Therefore, taking care of our own image, we subject them to harsh internal criticism and carefully verify each step.

Maintaining our own reputation, we do not work with companies that do not meet our internal requirements.


I would like to thank Capital Times for its successful and effective cooperation. Experts at Capital Times are very competent and responsible. They gave and continue to give a lot of valuable advice and were always ready to resolve any issues quickly and efficiently.
Yuri Budnik
Co-owner of OREXIM
We as a company and I personally are very grateful to Capital Times for the fruitful cooperation and quality of results that the advisory team has delivered. I am pleased to recommend Capital Times as a reliable partner in supporting M&A transactions.
Vitaly Sadler
Co-owner and CEO Intellias
We highly appreciate the quality of work that the Capital Times team performed. It should be noted the highest professionalism in negotiating and defending the interests of the client. Through the involvement of Capital Times, from preparing the business for the deal and ending with the signing of contracts, we have achieved the maximum goals for the transaction.
Alexander Popov
Co-owner of Terrasoft
I would like to express my gratitude to the Capital Times team for their professional and responsible approach to work. I can confidently recommend them as a qualified partner in M&A.
Sergey Prisyazhnyuk
CEO Vioil