Capital Times has matured on the market, which is characterized by continuous change: periods of instability are followed by dynamic development of industry and integration into global markets.

The key advantages of Capital Times are independence, professionalism, focus, client orientation and global approach.

The team consists of analysts and investment advisors with established reputation, deep expertise and experience in their own domain.

We adhere to international standards of accountability to our clients. Each of our cases is extremely personalized, the decisions are made based on the analysis of client’s business and the segment it operates in.

Member of Globalscope Partners. One of the founders of Ukrainian Venture Capital Association (UVCA), and member of European Business Association (EBA).



The M&A project teams are specialized by industry and have deep sectoral experience and knowledge that allows you to work on projects faster and better.

Global presence

Participation in the international network of M&A consultants gives us the opportunity to be present in the market, to have access to a large number of proposals in order to provide our clients with a wide choice of investment ideas.

Continuous development

The market and the world are constantly changing – and we are changing with it. We are students of the market and technology. We use every opportunity to provide our customers with the best solutions.


Constantly evolving, we remain open to the new. New points of view, new technologies, new challenges. And ready for a quick change of course if necessary.


We know that when addressing us, you are seeking an excellent result, not just a consultation. Focusing on long-term partnership, we focus on achieving your goals.

All over the world

Since 2014, Capital Times has been a member of Globalscope Partners, a leading group of finance and investment consultants who work in the global market to support clients in international transactions. Thanks to this network, we are able to establish our clients’ business relations with potential partners, including selling the company to foreign buyers, or searching for potential buyers / investors in foreign markets.

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Business reputation is a key intangible asset of Capital Times Investment Advisory, which we successfully convert into tangible material advantages for our clients.

Every our action and our every word affects our image. Therefore, taking care of our own image, we subject them to harsh internal criticism and carefully verify each step.

Maintaining our own reputation, we do not work with companies that do not meet our internal requirements.


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