Olena Tertyshnyk, Investment Associate  Capital Times, attended Ukraine Tech Day in London on October 31, 2023.

The event showcased the incredible dynamism, resilience, and competitiveness of the Ukrainian tech sector. Ukraine continues to establish itself as a high-tech, skilled, and cost-competitive tech economy with a multitude of cutting-edge companies.
The event had a primary objective: to highlight Ukraine as a thriving destination for both commercial and pro-bono opportunities. It also aimed to foster collaboration and cooperation between the UK tech sector, the UK Government, and their counterparts in Ukraine, focusing on key strategic sectors.

Here’s a quick overview of some key takeaways:
1️⃣ Defence Technology:
Ukraine combines hardware, software, and brilliant tactics in the defence sector. The UK Government is transitioning from a “transactional model” to a “partnership model” in public-private collaboration, following Ukraine’s lead. The remarkable speed of adoption in Ukraine serves as a valuable lesson for other nations.
2️⃣ Opportunities within Ukrainian Startup and Software Industries:
I was impressed by the defence solutions presented by promising Ukrainian startups. Ukraine boasts over 200 companies officially manufacturing drones, and countless smaller enterprises.
3️⃣ Cybersecurity:
Over the past decade, Ukraine has endured constant and massive cyberattacks, particularly from Russia. The event showcased active collaboration between experts in the field and emphasized the critical role of cybersecurity in safeguarding national interests.
4️⃣ Educational Technology (EdTech) and Skill Development:
The EdTech section was inspiring, with prominent companies like Headway EdTech and Beetroot Academy AB working on reskilling and upskilling Ukrainians, including veterans. These initiatives are vital for the future workforce.
📌 In summary, Ukraine Tech Day in London demonstrated the remarkable strides made by Ukraine’s tech sector. The event showcased the strength, adaptability, and innovation of the Ukrainian tech community. Looking forward to more collaborative endeavours and a bright future for Ukraine’s tech industry! 🚀

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