Capital Times acted as an exclusive financial advisor to Zelena Dolyna agricultural complex in raising a EUR 15 million loan from the EBRD.

● Zelena Dolyna agricultural complex is raising a EUR 15 million loan from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) to support eco-friendly expansion.
● The project includes the construction of a new dairy farm compliant with EU standards, an increase of grain silo capacities, the land bank expansion, and the purchase of energy-efficient agricultural machinery.
● EU-backed FINTECC grant of €64,000 to help implement climate technologies

“Ukrainian agricultural firm Zelena Dolyna is taking steps to upgrade its approaches to dairy farming applying higher standards of animal welfare and making it more sustainable, as well as invest in the expansion of modern grain silo that will work on biomass (sunflower husks’ pellets) with a €15 million loan from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD))”, — commented Mrs. Oksana Vishnya, the CFO of Zelena Dolyna.

“Raising the loan from the EBRD is an important step for Zelena Dolyna’s further growth. The Company attracted an international financial partner with an impeccable reputation, securing long-term financing for the Company’s development program on favorable terms. The loan from the EBRD proves that Zelena Dolyna has stable financial, social, and environmental positions. I would like to note the high professionalism of the entire team of Zelena Dolyna and especially Mrs. Oksana Vishnya, who managed this project on the Company’s side”, — added Vice President of Capital Times, Mr. Dmitriy Baranovskiy, who led this project from the beginning to the signing.

In an effort to further raise the sustainability bar, Zelena Dolyna will introduce advanced manure management practices in line with a circular economy approach where manure is processed by separation into solid particles to be used for bedding and liquid fraction to be stored in covered anaerobic lagoon allowing to inject water to the fields. The initiative is funded by a €64,000 grant provided under the EBRD’s Finance and Technology Transfer Centre for Climate Change (FINTECC) programme. In Ukraine, FINTECC is supported by the EU, through its EU4Climate programme.

The Project implementation will reduce the Company’s CO2 emissions by 40% and will help to avoid methane emissions into the atmosphere. Zelena Dolyna has also committed to piloting Global Livestock Environmental Assessment Model – interactive (GLEAM-i), a tool designed by FAO to keep track of greenhouse gas emissions. The data will allow the company to develop an action plan to further reduce emissions. GLEAM-I implementation costs will be partially covered by FAO.

Capital Times acted as an exclusive financial advisor to Zelena Dolyna agricultural complex in raising a EUR 15 million financing from the EBRD, assisting the client at every stage of this project. Project team: Sergey Goncharevich (Managing Partner)Dmitriy Baranovskiy (Vice President), and Vladislav Sharyha (Senior Analyst).

Press release of Zelena Dolyna agricultural complex www.akzd.com.ua/news/51

The EBRD’s decision to finance Zelena Dolyna www.ebrd.com/work-with-us/projects/psd/52970.html

About Zelena Dolyna agricultural complex

Zelena Dolyna is a diversified agricultural complex, founded in 2004 and based on a sugar factory and farms of Tomashpolsky and Tulchinsky districts in the Vinnytsia region of Ukraine. Currently, the Company is a large regional crop producer, with an additional focus on sugar beet processing and livestock farming.
Since 2005, Zelena Dolyna has been regularly implementing projects for facilities modernization and new asset acquisitions, which allowed the Company to become a vertically integrated agro-industrial producer with a land bank of more than 25,000 hectares, grain silo capacity of 60,000 tons, processing capacity of 2,400 tons of sugar beets per day, and production capacity of more than 9,000 tons of milk per year.

About the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

The EBRD is a leading institutional investor in Ukraine. To date, the Bank has invested more than €15.5 billion in 507 projects across the country, with a focus on assisting economic stabilization, anchoring reforms, strengthening energy efficiency and energy security, and supporting agricultural and industrial projects as well as smaller businesses.

About Capital Times

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Capital Times has closed 32 transactions, attracted USD 86+ million of loans, and performed more than 180 consulting projects in 13 industries in Ukraine and Belarus.
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