On June 28-29, the Mind Invest Summit was held in Lviv, with Capital Times as a partner.

From the interesting:
🔹Bank Lviv is the first Ukrainian bank to attract new equity capital from foreign investors during the wartime changes – There is a financial resource for Ukrainian business within Ukraine. This is especially important for energy efficiency

🔸Ukrainian business is growing, but is mostly on the verge of profitability. The cost component has increased significantly due to the cost of logistics, automation, energy dependence, etc.

🔹The state knows how to help business – industrial parks are a vivid example of beneficial interaction between business and the state

🔸On the other hand, there is still a crazy bureaucratic mechanism that does not allow for a quick launch of production in Ukraine. It is much faster to do this in the Baltic countries

🔹Telecom cannot be moved or made energy independent. However, Kyivstar’s example shows that investments of $300 million per year allow it to expand coverage, install batteries, and provide subscribers with stable communication despite blackouts

🔸Poland is currently one of the worst markets to start expansion from Ukraine. On the way to the EU, protectionism on the border with Poland will only deepen

🔹 human resources are the hardest to restore. And this is potentially a loss of Ukraine’s competitive advantage. Companies should support their employees, especially during periods when people return from warm offices to their apartments without electricity

🔸Ukraine has a high potential for development in military technology, deep processing, digital services, and logistics hubs

🔹 Education reform is a separate strategic direction of the state’s development. Change the logic of education: work is not a punishment, work is a blessing

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