Understanding M&A: When and Why IT Companies Need M&A Deals. Chișinău

On June 25th in Chișinău, Serge Hancharevich , Managing Partner at Capital Times , conducted a workshop for owners and top managers of the Moldovan IT sector on the topic “Understanding M&A: When and Why IT Companies Need M&A Deals.”

The meeting discussed the following issues:
✔️ Benefits of M&A for IT companies
✔️ Valuation of IT companies: key metrics
✔️ Risks of M&A deals: successful and unsuccessful IT cases

We thank all participants for their active participation and valuable questions, which contributed to a productive discussion about M&A opportunities in the IT sector.

Special thanks to the Moldovan Association of ICT Companies ATIC for their support in organizing the workshop.

Experts at Capital Times strive to facilitate the development and scaling of IT companies through M&A deals by organizing educational workshops for representatives of the IT sector.

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