On February 8, Serge Hancharevich, Managing Partner of Capital Times, spoke at the meeting of financial directors of CFO Club Ukraine with the topic “Business valuation in M&A transactions”.

Key points:

  • activity in the M&A market of Ukraine at the end of 2021 has become a record for the last time
  • 205 deals were closed (together with deals in venture capital), with a total value of $2.5 billion+
  • business valuation in M&A transactions depends on the type of business and its sectoral characteristics
  • the value of a business is not equal to its price: the cost is a calculation based on finances and multipliers, the price is the result of a lot of factors, and the negotiation process
  • the negotiation process, its quality and timing, EBITDA, understanding of sticking points, the project team, and other factors have a significant impact on business valuation in the M&A process.

Serge also conducted a comparative analysis of the M&A market in Ukraine and Poland and shared key M&A cases in the agricultural sector of Ukraine.

Serge speech aroused major interest and involvement of financial directors in the discussion of the process of preparing for M&A transactions and factors influencing the creation of company value.

We thank CFO Club Ukraine for the invitation and wish Ukraine’s CFOs successful M&A projects.

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