Wealth management

Thanks to our professional experiences, we are able to handle tailor-made investment plan for each client’s purpose: from entrepreneurs to international family business owners

Our services

Developing a personalized investment plan

Asset structuring, and communication with banks

Supporting family businesses, and inheritance

Market analysis, asset monitoring, and reporting

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Art banking, formation of art collections

Who our clients are

Individual clients

• Financial planning
• Investment strategy
• Risk management
• Compliance
Jeff Koons (1955)
Rabbit (1986)
Auction: $91 млн (2019)

Family business

• Asset structuring
• Investment function
• Financial literacy
• Inheritance
Jeff Koons (1955)
Rabbit (1986)
Auction: $91 млн (2019)

Corporate clients

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• Liquidity management
• Investment products
• Analytical support
• CIF, AIF, SPV support
Unique ‘Hippopotame I’ Bathtub (1968)
Auction: $4,3 млн (2019)

Capital Times is a private equity growth multiplier to maximize the return on your money

Why choose us

Personalized approach

We develop an investment strategy tailored to the expectations, capabilities, and needs of each client

Family values

A multi-family office for business owners, where Capital Times' task is to preserve and increase family capital

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Long-term relations

The benchmark for implementing the investment strategy is 3 years. Building a family office from scratch also takes 3 years until it is fully implemented

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Fundamental background

The team has many years of experience in corporate consulting, fundraising, and finding optimal business solutions

Under the professional guidance

Artem Shcherbyna
Director of Іnvestments, Head of the R&D Office
13 years of practical experience in investing in the global market, portfolio management and investment strategy development
  • PhD in Economics, author of several articles and studies
  • MBA graduate, Kyiv Graduate Business School
  • Experience in managing investment portfolios of more than USD 50 million
  • One of the developers of the investment algorithm for robo-advising
  • He was a head of investment committees at Concorde Capital and HUG’S
  • Expert in macroeconomic analysis, opinion leader in Ukraine.
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