Congratulations to the Globalscope family on their strong 2022 results and thank you for your support!

Capital Times has been a member of Globalscope Partners since 2016. Throughout this period, we have been actively involved in the life of our large international family, open to any endeavor, learning from our experiences, and sharing our knowledge.

Today, we want to congratulate Globalscope Family for the outstanding results achieved in the challenging year 2022, and thank you for supporting Ukraine and our company – Capital Times.

A special thank you to everyone who trusted us with their projects. Your support was invaluable for us and our families in a difficult and volatile 2022.

Special thanks to:

Carlsquare, Silverpeak, Sloan Capital, Corbett Keeling, DEX International, Tenzing Partners, Osprey Capital, Brooks & Houston, Benedetti & Associates, Strategique, MelCap.

Your support can be hardly overestimated, especially in 2022. By helping Capital Times, not only you gave us a helping hand in difficult times, but also contributed to our victory! Your projects have enabled us to stay afloat, provide to our families, pay our taxes, and fight against the occupiers of our territory. This is priceless for us and all of Ukraine!

We were not present at the conference in Buenos Aires, but we felt the atmosphere of our big family celebration. Let us share the joy of high results once again

For our part, Capital Times is ready to fully support all Globalscope members in tasks such as:
Our core values for Globalscope are

no NDAs

no agreemets

no pre-payment

fast team involvement

discount free rates

We hope you will take advantage of our offer by trusting us with tasks that we will perform with highest quality and efficiency on mutually beneficial terms.

For all members of the Globalscope Family, we have prepared a special price with the most comfortable rates.

We are always open for new projects and hope for your support in the future as well.

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