Growth equities portfolio

We’re living in the age of 4th industrial revolution than brought new values of modern innovative technologies (cloud services, online payment platforms, artificial intelligence, biotech, Internet of Things and another engineering).

Tech companies stocks have grown tremendously since the financial crisis. They grew much faster than traditional companies stocks. For example, let’s compare semiconductors companies such as innovative Nvidia (+52% growth YY) to traditional IBM (+1% YY), online retailer (+87% YY) to the dinosaur Wal-Mart Stores (+11% YY) and payment service PayPal (+46% YY) to old-fashioned Western Union (-3% YY).

Capital Times propose you to buy sound and promising tech stocks in Growth portfolio. We select the best innovative companies from the huge list of Vanguard Growth ETFs. Portfolio structure is rebalancing every month as fundamental features are changeable.

Growth portfolio has shown 27% annual return for the last three years.

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