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Transactions in Ukraine
For those who are doing business in Ukraine. Service to individuals and legal entities.

Ukraine is a great place for making money. But the price for this is taking on high and various risks.

Primarily, it's instability of the exchange rate.

Also, Ukraine has high hryvna interest rates that occasionally opens opportunities for short-terms investments of free liquidity.

Government bonds
01 ⠀ Individuals

02 ⠀Legal entities
Capital Times is in the TOP-3 of government bonds' traders in Ukraine*.

*According to the PFTS stock exchange, 2018.

Government bonds
Bonds are issued in UAH, USD, and EUR. Government bonds yield higher returns than deposits. They are exempt from personal income tax, while military levy totals 1,5%. Government bond debt is fully guaranteed by the state.
Legal entities
We have experience in managing liquidity and foreign exchange position for the largest export companies in Ukraine. We offer services for hedging commodities.
Due diligence
Поддерживаем оперативное и качественное проведения процедуры и представление результатов в таком разрезе, который будет способствовать заключению сделки. Возможность сделать исследование практически полезным и соответствующим ситуации.
Настоящий предприниматель всегда готов к выходу из прибыльного бизнеса. Разрабатываем стратегии выхода, защищающие интересы собственника и инвесторов, создаем условия для реализации наиболее выгодных сценариев.
Прозрачность компании
Управляем прозрачностью финансовой и юридической структуры (в том числе владения), системой корпоративного управления для того, чтобы управлять условиями заключения сделки и в конечном итоге наш клиент получил результат, удовлетворяющий его требованиям.
Приобретение 100% или части компании с целью участвовать в ее управлении и развити, часто связано с выходом инвестора на новый рынок или расширением ассортимента товаров/услуг. Мы консультируем покупателей в отношении привлекательных компаний-целей, используя нашу глобальную партнерскую сеть.
Capital Times is your best partner
Ukrainian government bonds listed in Ukrainian and global markets are a good speculative opportunity right now.

They can provide one of the highest returns, if you believe in Ukrainian debt-servicing capacity at least in a short-term perspective.

In working with government bonds and other Ukrainian securities we consider relationships between Ukraine and IMF, balance of payments, state of the government budget, and global economic situation.

We will find the best quotation for you and will offer an interesting alternatives.

About Capital Times
Capital Times has developed in the volatile market, where periods of instability gave way to periods of rapid growth, accompanied by the dynamic development of the financial sector and its integration into the global markets.

Key advantages of Capital Times are independence, expertise, concentration, client focus, and holistic approach.

Our team consists of analysts and investment advisors with a hard-earned reputation, strong expertise and experience in their respective fields.

In our work with clients we adhere to international liability standards. Every case is individually tailored. We choose solutions for the client based on the analysis of client's business and its industry.

The Company is a member of Globalscope Partners network. Capital Times is one of the founders of Ukrainian Venture Capital & Private equity Association (UVCA), and also is a member of European Business Association (EBA).