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Mergers and acquisitions
M&A transaction is always a leap into the unknown for both sides.

Capital Times helps its clients make right and effective transactions.

We can make a model and a forecast of decisions to be taken. Together with a client we are trying to be one step ahead in complex and multistage negotiations. Based on our experience and trusted partners we will advise you about the possible risks and suggest options to mitigate them.

M&A team has a successful experience in implementing cross-border and domestic transactions, including:
01 ⠀ Company and share sale
02 ⠀Company and share purchase
05 ⠀Sale of company's non-core assets
04 ⠀Acquisition
Our approach is to offer our clients best services using best techniques. We nourish trust-based and long-term relations with our clients. We always consider an integrated strategic approach to our cooperation, and we work along the best and the shortest ways to get to the most important business goals of our clients.
Capital Times brings innovative solutions, experience, and opportunities
Company and share sale
Being present in the international market of mergers and acquisitions, we provide our customers with access to an extensive database of current investment proposals from 48 countries.
Company and share purchase
We possess a unique experience in the area of private companies' acquisition. We advise our clients on attractive acquisition targets, leveraging our global partnership network
Capital Times is highly qualified in supporting our clients in merger transaction. We guarantee full confidentiality and no conflict of interest. By putting out client's interests first, we work in the very core of M&A process. At every stage of negotiations we strive to maximize client's business value, while providing unbiased evaluation of all buyer's offers.
This entrepreneur is always ready to exit a profitable business. We develop exit strategies that protect the interests of the owner and investors, and create conditions for the realization of the most profitable scenarios.
Sale of company's non-core assets
After detailed development of the strategy to maximize company's value and based on our deep understanding of the business, we evaluate an opportunity to divest non-core assets in order to focus on core business.
Acquisition of 100% or a stake in a company in order to take part in corporate governance and development is usually related with the entry to a new market or broadening the range of goods and services. We consult buyers on potential attractive targets leveraging our global partnership network.
Capital Times — is a multiplier of increase in private and corporate wealth to achieve business and owner's goals.
We implemented more than 164 M&A and capital raising projects. We gained experience in supporting various types of transactions both for buyers and sellers. .

We are on the same side.

We have chosen not the easiest path, but the path with the best possible result in the end.

We are not big, and that is why we are trying our best. We are growing together with our clients. We do not know everything, but we know our field as good as it's possible, and we are in a continuous process of learning.