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Services for individual clients
We take care of your personal and family investments.

Our team has strategic macroeconomic vision and an extensive experience of working with full spectrum of financial instruments globally: money market instruments, securities, private equity, hedge funds, real estate, derivatives, structured products, and family business.

Our continuously improving processes, from analysis, valuation and comparison to implementation, allow us always to remain at the forefront of current developments.

Our foreign markets services are open for clients with capital of over $1 million.

If you do not yet have $1 million, we invite you to join https://hugs.fund.

About Capital Times
At Capital Times, we pride ourselves on our successful experience navigating the ebbs and flows of the market. We've seen how market instability Capital Times has developed in the volatile market, where periods of instability gave can give way to periods of rapid growth, accompanied by the dynamic development of the financial sector and its integration into the global markets.

Key advantages of Capital Times are independence, expertise, concentration, client focus, and holistic approach.

Our team consists of analysts and investment advisors with a hard-earned reputation, strong expertise and experience in their respective fields.

In our work with clients wWe adhere to international liability standards In our work with clients. Our approach to eEvery case is individually tailored based on our analysis of the . We choose solutions for the client based on the analysis of client's business and its industry.

Capital TimesThe Company is a member of the Globalscope Partners network. Our companyCapital Times is one of the founders of Ukrainian Venture Capital & Private equity Association (UVCA). We are, and also is a member of European Business Association (EBA).