Capital Times took part in the 26th Globalscope conference, held in New Delhi (India)

Sergey Goncharevich, Managing Partner, and Dmytro Baranovskyi, Vice President, attended a three-day conference where participating companies presented more than 175 transaction projects on behalf of their clients in six main sectors (consumer goods, IT, industry, finance, healthcare and the services sector).

This conference also created a new group of partners specializing in transactions in the information technology sector. It is nbsp;an increasingly dynamic area where we create value for our customers in the international arena.

Since 2014, Capital Times has been a member of Globalscope Partners, a leading group of finance and investment consultants who work in the global market to support clients in international transactions. Thanks to this network, we are able to stablish our clients' business relations with potential partners, including selling the company to foreign buyers, or searching for potential buyers / investors in foreign markets.

At the 26th conference, the Capital Times presented 15 projects, 3 of them in IT sector, 3 in agro and renewable energy, 2 in the production and distribution of auto parts, and 1 project in Retail and Insurance.

The next Globalscope Partners conference will be held in Munich, Germany in April 2020. We are ready to discuss the interest of Ukrainian investors in  the German market and offer promising projects.