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Multi-Family office
Family assets require efficient management and transfer.

We assist in management of family assets and family business: from investing to structuring the assets and family business. The latter is especially important in times of active regulatory changes at both global and local levels.

We know how to effectively handover heritage and to ensure required asset allocation and income distribution among family members which are specified by you.

We will advise you how to prepare family members to manage family business.

Family office
01 ⠀ Management of family assets
02 ⠀Family business
03Wealth protection and Privacy
04 ⠀Training and mentoring
A good option is to create a personalized single-family office.
From $ 1 billion
Management of family assets
Structuring of financial assets of a family. Inheritance. Asset allocation and income distribution among relatives and family members.
Family business
Planning of the business transfer or management rights to family members or trustees. Inclusion of advisors to the supervisory board.
Wealth protection and Privacy
Legal support in inheriting. Preparation of family members for management of family budget.
Активное развитие капитала
Подбираем агрессивные инвестиционные идеи с очень высокой доходностью для экспоненциального роста капитала. Для инвесторов, которые практикуют искусство быстрых прибыльных инвестиций.
Долгосрочные вложения
Разрабатываем надежные портфели для терпеливых инвесторов, которые принимают риски колебания стоимости портфеля в течение срока инвестирования. Конкурентоспособные продукты для пенсионного обеспечения и подобных задач и потребностей.
Training and mentoring
Improving financial literacy of your children. Training on financial planning and trading.
Capital Times is a family counselor
Family office is a great solution for families with net worth of over $100 mln.

Setting up a personal family office is a good solution for net worth of over $1 billion. We also help family offices to work professionally and to perform specific functions.

Regions: Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan.

About Capital Times
Capital Times has developed in the volatile market, where periods of instability gave way to periods of rapid growth, accompanied by the dynamic development of the financial sector and its integration into the global markets.

Key advantages of Capital Times are independence, expertise, concentration, client focus, and holistic approach.

Our team consists of analysts and investment advisors with a hard-earned reputation, strong expertise and experience in their respective fields.

In our work with clients we adhere to international liability standards. Every case is individually tailored. We choose solutions for the client based on the analysis of client's business and its industry.

The Company is a member of Globalscope Partners network. Capital Times is one of the founders of Ukrainian Venture Capital & Private equity Association (UVCA), and also is a member of European Business Association (EBA).