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If you already have everything, perhaps, you should go into the history.

Individual fund is a fully functional service for HNWI aimed at providing lifelong annuity payments for your goals. The fund allows you to try to improve the world and become a part of history.

Alfred Nobel solved this problem by setting up a special fund in 1901. Now five famous Nobel prizes are paid from the fund annually. The current level of the Nobel Fund is about $500 mln.

We help you to establish your personal Nobel fund. You only need to pick a goal: global, local, or family; fund's and payment's size, and its payment rules.

HNWI – high net worth individuals.

Capital Times fully functional service
01 ⠀ Fund establishment
02 ⠀Portfolio of assets
03 ⠀Board of Trustees
Our management fee for private fund totals 10% of the profits.

The management fee can be negotiated for funds over $100 mln and for charitable foundations.
Fund establishment
Legal and analytical support.

Search for optimal solution depending on the purpose of the fund.

Portfolio of assets
Allocation of a portfolio of assets to secure the annuity payments of the fund.

Fund's investment declaration.

Due diligence
Поддерживаем оперативное и качественное проведения процедуры и представление результатов в таком разрезе, который будет способствовать заключению сделки. Возможность сделать исследование практически полезным и соответствующим ситуации.
Настоящий предприниматель всегда готов к выходу из прибыльного бизнеса. Разрабатываем стратегии выхода, защищающие интересы собственника и инвесторов, создаем условия для реализации наиболее выгодных сценариев.
Прозрачность компании
Управляем прозрачностью финансовой и юридической структуры (в том числе владения), системой корпоративного управления для того, чтобы управлять условиями заключения сделки и в конечном итоге наш клиент получил результат, удовлетворяющий его требованиям.
Board of Trustees
Control over the use of payments through participation in the board of trustees.
About Capital Times
Capital Times has developed in the volatile market, where periods of instability gave way to periods of rapid growth, accompanied by the dynamic development of the financial sector and its integration into the global markets.

Key advantages of Capital Times are independence, expertise, concentration, client focus, and holistic approach.

Our team consists of analysts and investment advisors with a hard-earned reputation, strong expertise and experience in their respective fields.

In our work with clients we adhere to international liability standards. Every case is individually tailored. We choose solutions for the client based on the analysis of client's business and its industry.

The Company is a member of Globalscope Partners network. Capital Times is one of the founders of Ukrainian Venture Capital & Private equity Association (UVCA), and also is a member of European Business Association (EBA).