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CRM tool for optimization of business processes in Capital Times

CRM tool for optimization of business processes in Capital Times
Every department of Capital Times uses CRM in accordance with its business area. Two highly qualified in-house specialists working with CRM systems help to set up and optimize business processes for each department.

“We have adapted Creatio for business tasks in the M&A segment and as a result, we have received the optimal solution that simplified the internal and external processes of the company”
  • Head of the Department for Development and Optimization of Business Processes

CRM gives an excellent result in terms of accumulating all metrics, building analytics and business processes in each department of the company.
We will describe all the CRM tools used by Capital Times departments below.

Tools for M&A department
1. A unified register of all projects of the company in Ukraine and Belarus.
2. Complete history for each project, which includes calls, meetings, tasks, correspondence, files and links. The ability to split projects into types and stages in order to assemble a project team or a team from the client's side.
3. Sales funnel.
4. Analytics for each project. The ability to mark the total time spent on the project and by stages, break down activities by managers or types (for example, the number of calls, meetings, tasks), as well as view analytics by long lists.
5. Automatic notification of the team about the status of the project.
6. Ability to generate reports for the client.
7. Consolidation of all transactions in the market, which helps to form our sector expertise and sector reports.
8. Consolidation of all electronic resources that can be useful in project work.

Tools for Marketing Department
1. Conducting marketing projects and events at all stages: an idea, audience gathering, email distribution, invitations, reminders, feedback collection and subsequent interaction with participants.
2. Collection, qualification and a system of nurturing a lead to a client.
3. Analytics based on the results of marketing activities.

Tools for HR Department
1. Consolidation of the talent pool.
2. Construction of funnels for passing the stages of interviews for candidates.
3. Reports of all employees, teams, departments.

Tools for Finance Department
1. Automation of invoicing and control of payments.
2. Plan and fact of financial receipts.

Common tools for the whole Company
1. Library with educational materials
2. List of industry events.
3. List of useful resources.

CRM provides ample opportunities for building high-quality business processes.
Properly using its extensive functionality, you can significantly increase sales, improve your reputation in the market and improve the quality of customer service.