Asset Allocation for September 2016

After stock markets jumped on Brexit event, equities indexes stood in consolidation in August.

Investors increased share of risky assets in their portfolios by purchasing assets in emerging markets and high yield bonds. American equities showed confident dynamic on positive results of corporate earnings season.

Bank of England and Bank of Japan rendered support to markets by new monetary stimulus have been announced.

In September investor are to answer the two main questions: do they believe in rate hike by US FED and do they believe in oil output freeze by OPEC and Russia. FED and OPEC meetings will show the further motion vector in markets.

Threat and challenges in world markets:
   - Presidential Elections in US (8th November 2016)
   - Systematic economy crisis China
   - BREXIT aftermath – EU disruption and political crisis
   - Terrorist attacks activization in Eastern Europe
   - Monetary policy tightening by US FED

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