The Conference “HTP 2.0: New Conditions for Innovative Companies in Belarus” was held on April 26th in Riga

On April 26, 2018, with the support of the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia and the Embassy of the Republic of Belarus in Riga, we held a seminar on "HTP 2.0: New Conditions for Innovative Companies in Belarus", where Ilya Soloducho, Director of the Minsk office of Capital Times Investment Company, made presentation about the development potential and government support of the Belarusian IT-sector, its opportunities, and advantages of liberalizing the business environment in the sphere of high technologies.

Many Latvian high-tech companies have expressed interest in joining to the High Tech Park in Belarus. The event aroused interest among representatives of various business areas of Latvia. Not only representatives of high-tech companies participated in the event, but as well the seminar was attended by financial groups, investment companies, and legal advisers. The feedback received from the participants of the seminar testifies to the necessity of holding similar events among business circles outside the Republic of Belarus due to during the seminar the business representatives received the most current, reliable, and specific information about the HTP, its place, and role in the global IT sector, and the quality of work of Belarusian developers in comparison with various regions of the world, strategies for entering the HTP, and M&A transactions involving HTP resident companies and foreign investors. In addition, the participants of the seminar received comprehensive information on the ways of entering HTP, tax benefits and opportunities for a unique business environment for the fastest growing business in the future.