Capital Times took part in the European Deal Day, organized by Globalscope Partners in Budapest in June 2018

Dmitry Baranovskiy, Vice President of Capital Times Investment Company, together with 50 of Globalscope Partners, visited the European Deal Day, which was held in the Hungarian capital last month.

Overall, the Hungarian economy is more efficient than the Ukrainian economy. In particular, its GDP exceeded the Ukrainian by 27 billion USD in 2017 while the population of Hungary is less than 10 million people. Thus, GDP per capita amounts to 16 000 USD, which is 5 times higher than the Ukrainian one.

Key industries are as follows: the automotive industry (with strong Western Europe markets integration), health care (with the active implementation of innovative technologies), logistics (with favorable geographical location and developed road infrastructure), and IT (with niche products, which are in demand on the global markets). We are ready to present specific investment opportunities in these industries.

As the result of the Capital Times projects portfolio presentation at the event, over 35 potential investors were found. We are actively communicating with potential investors and some of them are already signed the NDA.

The next Globalscope Partners conference will be held in Georgia in September 2018, and the next European Deal Day will be held in Belgium in January 2019. We are open to discussing specific investment requests for these countries.