On October 20th, Erik Nayman’s Master Class "Ukraine and the World in 2018" was held

More than 60 business owners, financial directors, consultants and other clients of Capital Times visited the exclusive master class of Eric Nayman. The seminar was devoted to the most urgent topics of the day: the world economy, crypto-currencies, European real estate and, of course, the state of the Ukrainian economy ahead of the presidential election.

The Ukrainian economy was the main topic at the seminar and sparked heated discussions. The growth of the country's GDP and consumer inflation, monetary liberalization and monetary aggregates, the structure of the state budget for 2018 and debt obligations to creditors – many issues were revealed, and discussed. Eric made a special emphasis on the problem of population’s income level. For instance, due to low salaries in the construction sector in Ukraine, there is a sharp outflow of profesional builders to other European countries. Visa-free traveling opened doors for labor migration, which can provoke a shortage of labor in construction and other sectors of the economy.

Capital Times specialists also presented reports on the peculiarities of obtaining NBU electronic license, structuring business and family companies (heritage and corporate governance), as well as on crypto-currencies, blockchain technology and trends on the European real estate market.

Participants were particularly interested to hear about the new Capital Times fund- Hugs Fund. The structure of the fund consists of public ETF-funds for shares, real estate and US bonds. Allocation of the portfolio is calculated quarterly according to the data of the US Federal Reserve Bank and depends on the assets structure of the average American citizen. Now everyone can invest in long-term savings Hugs Fund, which aims to provide a stable rate of return on the basis of the safest assets in the world.

In conclusion, the seminar was interesting and exciting, different topics were discussed and forecast of the key economic indicators for the next year was provided.

The presentation “Ukraine and the World in 2018" is already in free access. If you are interested in a personal discussion of certain slides (sections) of the presentation and their practical application for your business, please contact Dmitry Zhypetskyi d.zhypetskyi@capital-times.com.

On numerous requests, Eric Naiman prepared an extended description of his presentation, with his detailed comments and forecasts.
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