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Globalscope Autumn 2020

В октябре 2020 года Globalscope провел очередную виртуальную конференцию.

Джим Килинг, президент Globalscope, сказал:
«… Несмотря на пандемию, наши 55 независимых M&A компаний-участников действуют как одна глобальная семья в 48 странах. В течении двух дней конференции были обсуждены более 100 M&A-трансакций, находящиеся в работе у компаний, входящих в сеть Globalscope. Это подтверждает жизнеспособность M&A во всем мире.
Приятно видеть коллег, использующих силу обмена идеями, а также влияние, которое оказывают эти идеи на завершение трансакций».

В конце конференции был поднят “тост за ликвидность”, а именно за 3,2 миллиарда евро от закрытых M&A-сделок в прошедшем 2019 году.

Полный текст пресс-релиза


Globalscope convened its semi-annual Fall Meeting in October 2020 by video conference. Despite the restrictions of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, member firms are adapting, developing new opportunities and delivering success on behalf of clients.

Jim Keeling, President of Globalscope, said “while we would prefer to meet in person, consistent with past practices, business must go on. Video conferences keep us connected with our membership, promote international M&A activities and develop best practices during these unusual times.
Notwithstanding the pandemic, our 55 independent member M&A firms, operating as one global family in 48 countries, participated in two full days of video presentations of over 100 prospective transactions. Not only did this verify the viability of M&A activity worldwide, but it was wonderful to see almost 100 of our senior colleagues from across the world experiencing the power of exchanging ideas and the impact this has on transaction completions”.

“We are very pleased to welcome three outstanding firms as new members of Globalscope”, said Martijn Peters, Head of Member Recruitment. “We continually look to expand our international network by inviting new members, who are carefully selected and vetted as sharing our core values. I believe all three achieve this aim and further strengthen our geographic footprint in Asia, Eastern Europe and Australia”.

AWR LLOYD (Bangkok, Thailand and multiple offices in Asia) said, “Globalscope was introduced to us via friends in Asia and Europe. We were immediately attracted to the idea of joining a family of like-minded investment banking boutiques, passionate about M&A”.

ESFA Managing Director Dragan Bosiljkic said, “We are sure that the partnership with the
Globalscope network will help us to improve our business through the development of our
transaction management approach and cross-border cooperation. We will benefit from widening the framework of our market expansion strategy for our clients”. ESFA is based in Belgrade, Serbia.

When asked, “Why Globalscope?” Michael Rovira of Octavian Group (South Perth, Australia) said, “Globalscope was the natural choice for our firm as we continue to enhance our international presence, providing our Australian clients with greater exposure to cross-border opportunities. We look forward to working with Globalscope members in the same spirit of openness and camaraderie that members have shown us during our dealings to date”.

The Fall Conference concluded with our traditional “Toast to Liquidity”, celebrating €3.2 Billion in
transaction closings in 2019 by Globalscope member firms. Mr. Keeling reported, “The Technology, Media and Telecommunications sector saw robust growth since our Spring Conference, with exit multiples reaching record levels in the United States. Additionally, M&A activity appears to be picking up in recent months”. Globalscope also presented its “Oscar Awards” for transactions completed since the Spring Conference. Congratulations to the winners!

Most Active Member – Carlsquare (Germany and other European offices)
Most Valuable Deal – Portofino (Israel)
Globalscope Flagship Deal – Carlsquare (Germany) & DEX (Netherlands)

Globalscope will continue its biannual schedule with its next conference in April 2021.

About Globalscope Partners

Globalscope is an international family of 55 independent investment banking firms located in 48
countries around the globe. Member firms specialize in representing business owners engaged in
selling, financing or buying companies. With over 30 years of global M&A experience across all
continents, Globalscope works in close partnership with clients in making their business dreams a
reality. Over 10,000 satisfied clients have benefited from our extensive knowledge of international capital markets and identifying buyers of their businesses.