VAT bonds

Capital Times is interested in long-term cooperation with companies that have received compensation through the VAT bonds. To ensure maximum convenience we offer to holders of VAT bonds following services:

Purchase VAT bonds:
  • Direct purchase / sale
  • Cash payments on next day after signing agreements
  • Preparation of all necessary documents and reports

Raising capital on bail VAT bonds (repo transactions):
  • Borrowing in Ukrainian banks
  • Interest rate is lower than a classic loan
  • Bonds still in property of the company
Brokerage services:
  • Search for the best prices, both in Ukraine and abroad
  • Representing of interests among the potential buyers
  • Documentary support of the transaction
Commodity and currency risk hedging

We offer to companies from real sector to combine their industry experience and our knowledge of the financial markets for improving liquidity and stability of the company, and therefore increasing its profitability and shareholder value.

Currency hedging as well as improving of current open position allows companies, especially with foreign investment, to be more predictable and controllable - thus reducing the workload on the top management.

During working with institutional clients we pay high attention to the reliability of counterparties and transparency of the assets with which we work, so for example, for foreign exchange transactions, we use only government securities.

Capital Times has successful experience of cooperation in the framework of the hedging and risk insurance to companies from such areas as:
  • Agrarian sector
  • Mining industry
  • Finance
  • Insurance