In this regard, the principles of our work are dedicated to providing investment services of unsurpassed quality:

Client Focus

Client is the main value of our company. A client determines the desired result and their confidence is the main indicator of the effectiveness of our work.

Flexibility and Efficiency

The ability to quickly and effectively respond to changes of a volatile market, to predict its development and optimize our activities continuously guarantees the achievement of tactical and strategic objectives. Our goal is an exact final result for the client.

Continuous Development

For any company, putting on hold its development means accepting the role of an outsider. Therefore, we are constantly working on the development of our employees, as well as of the company as a whole.

Business Ethics

We are convinced that business ethics being a part of ethics in general is an integral component of an economic progress of the society. Capital Times Investment Company understands this and always adheres to the standards of business ethics in its daily practice.

In our daily work we are guided by the aforementioned principles and each of them shapes our competitive advantages.