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Family management
We are a family office. This means that we develop unique models that combine the technical aspects of money management (investment, planning and structuring wealth) with family communication and influencing that allow you and your family to confidently manage your wealth.

We help you develop your heritage by maintaining joint property management.
Capital Times — Your best partner
We have implemented more than 100 consulting projects on mergers and acquisitions, as well as raising capital for 12 years of work. We have gained experience in supporting various types of transactions for each of the parties - selling or acquiring.

Each project has one responsible adviser who manages a team of specialists. The company's advisors have not only significant experience in such transactions, but also sectoral specialization and a deep understanding of the situation in the industry and its main features.
About Capital Times
The company has been in the private capital market since 2008. The team of high-level analysts and investment advisors with established reputation, high expertise and experience in this field.

Capital Times, an investment company, has grown in a market characterized by incessant change: periods of instability, accompanied by the current dynamic development of the industry and integration into world markets.

We work to the highest standards of responsibility to our customers. A unique personalized investment ideas to achieve your goals, develops a team of highly qualified specialists - economists, brokers, stock market analysts, experts of the KMC.

In our work, to achieve maximum success, we strive to build very deep, involved relationships and also look for the ability to manage assets in such a way as to meet the high needs of clients.